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  • Harry needs a haircut
  • Louis needs a haircut
  • Niall could probably use a haircut
  • Liam needs to shave
  • Zayn needs to find a way to look ugly

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#YouAndI - 3 days to go

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ONE DIRECTION’s next single is ready to hit the shelves and we can exclusively reveal it will be You & I.

The track, which goes on sale on May 25, is written by the same team that worked with the lads on Story Of My Life.

The cover shows the boys making their way along Clevedon Pier in Somerset.

And fans are in for an extra dollop of 1D because the single download will also feature LIAM PAYNE’s first-ever remix. (x)

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zarrythenight asked: Not since Justin tried to sabotage One Direction by taking out their most talented member. As if Zayn spraining his ankle at Justin's house was an ''accident.''


i have to share this with the world

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gemma_chan: The measure of a man. #weewilliewinkie

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